A Handful of Pebbles

Mark Brooks

A Handful of Pebbles

96 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-10-8

Praise for A Handful of Pebbles

‘In A Handful of Pebbles Mark Brooks joins the ranks of that handful of poets breaking new ground for haiku in English.’
—William J. Higginson
Author, Haiku World

‘A unique voice echoes from every page of this stunning collection—Mark Brooks writes like no one else. His haiku moments are freshly perceived, skillfully captured, and instantly memorable. When the last page is turned there remains an eagerness for more—and each re-reading reveals further depth, richness, and power.’
—Billie Wilson

‘Mark Brooks has a deep understanding of haiku aesthetics and his work consistently demonstrates his appreciation of the reader’s role in the poetic process. His diverse subject matter is treated with a reverence that reflects his own nature and contributes to the warmth one experiences in his poems. A Handful of Pebbles is a wonderful sampling of this poet’s work.’
—Robert Gilliland

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small-town laundry
a handful of pebbles
stacked outside

withering wind
the fence-builder pulls a nail
from his lips

Seuss’s birthday
a dad and two lads plant
a plant in a planter


‘Brooks’ poetry speaks inerrably of small town life with an emphasis on family, yet his poetry does what successful poetry does: it finds the extraordinary in that seeming simplicity.’
Modern Haiku