Forgiving the Rain

Lynne Rees

Forgiving the Rain

64 pages
177 mm x 127 mm / 7" x 5"
ISBN 978-1-903543-35-1

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Lynne Rees’ forgiving the rain is a multifaceted memoir of home: of children and parents, joy and fear, dreams and desires, and, ultimately, the inherent wonder of ordinary lives. These contemporary haibun combine the narrative power of prose with the epiphanies of haiku poetry to question and explore where home is, how we recognise it, how we leave it, and how we find our way back.

Praise for Forgiving the Rain

‘Bashō did this. On his narrow road north. He wrote what he saw and what he felt. Wound his prose around his haiku, studded his creative world with perfect places. Lynne Rees is on the same journey. These are scenes from a life: childhood, adulthood, passion, age, joy, pain. Her haiku are headlamps. Her prose flowing water. I couldn’t put it down.’
—Peter Finch