Shaped by the Wind

Ferris Gilli

Shaped by the Wind

80 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-16-0

Praise for Shaped by the Wind

‘These haiku are finely tuned because the poet is finely attuned. Ferris Gilli is extraordinarily sensitive to nuances in the world around her, recognizing them to be inseparable from what she feels inwardly. Through deft use of juxtaposition and exceptional language skills, Gilli invites us to experience her epiphanies for ourselves.’
—Christopher Herold

‘We focus so often on a poet’s voice. Ferris Gilli has an even, considerate, and steady voice. But it’s her sense of listening that appeals most. These poems come alive in the interval between the senses that are stimulated directly by the poet’s images and the latent senses the reader is so warmly invited to apply. Gilli trusts her readers, as not all haiku poets are able to, and honors us through her faith.’
—John Stevenson

‘A luminous collection! Ferris Gilli hones each keenly perceived moment into sharp focus and conveys deeply felt connections with the creatures, people, and things of her world. The craftsmanship is exemplary.’
—Peggy Willis Lyles

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corn tassels
her unborn child
changes position

first weeding
the dislodged toad
wipes an eye

still no word
a kingfisher flies up
from dark water


‘Generous and wonderful.’
Blithe Spirit, Journal of the British Haiku Society