The Lammas Lands

Matthew Paul

The Lammas Lands

112 pages
177 mm x 127 mm / 7" x 5"
ISBN 978-1-903543-37-5


Honorable Mention, The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award

Praise for The Lammas Lands

The Lammas Lands offers haiku in all its stunning potency. The lean look of each poem is illusory, for each contains within its heart a powerful song of the purest notes. In this collection we discover secret places of peaceful quietude, from a river’s shifting currents to a bistro’s misty rain, each image drawing the reader into a haiku journey of vibrant intensity.’
—Roberta Beary

‘Matthew Paul’s haiku pulse finely with what Wendell Berry calls ‘the peace of wild things’ and imbue what we might consider the ordinary in our lives with a sense of the extraordinary. There is redemption for us between the covers of The Lammas Lands; not an escape from the world we inhabit but an immersion into its grace.’
—Lynne Rees

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the bistro chef
smoking out the back
misty rain

on a day the colour
of rolling tobacco

my slouch in my son’s shoulders winter’s end