The Windbreak Pine:
New and Uncollected Haiku

Wally Swist

The Windbreak Pine

Paperback, with cover flaps
96 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-42-9


Winner, The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award

Praise for The Windbreak Pine

‘These haiku by Wally Swist are intensely focused, filled with finely crafted language, and characterized by rich imagery. In poems that move between nature and human nature, and rest at the balance point of everyday life and the larger world, Swist masters the art of haiku that emerge into, not merely out of, our relationship with nature. The Windbreak Pine is quietly elegant, meditative, and intelligent.’
—Adele Kenny
Poetry Editor, Tiferet Journal

‘In Wally Swist’s quiet, sometimes rain-soaked landscapes, birds, insects, and mammals press on by instinct around a human-altered world—windbreaks, rafters, streets, and windows. These haiku join the force of nature with the daily routines of people.’
—Christine Woodside
Editor, Appalachia

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gust of morning wind—
           the clattering lids
of the sugaring buckets

a shadow mouses into
a chink in the woodpile—
autumn dusk

roar of the falls . . .
the plunge pool’s ripples
vibrating with light

dusk along the ridge—
the mated pair of goldfinch
in the windbreak pine

From the Foreword

The Windbreak Pine: New and Uncollected Haiku 1985–2015 is Wally Swist’s eleventh collection of haiku, and his first since the publication of The Silence Between Us: Selected Haiku of Wally Swist in 2005. Featuring 116 previously uncollected haiku, it is at once both a unique retrospective and a celebration of new work from one of the most significant English-language nature haiku poets of the last thirty years.’
—John Barlow