Waiting for the Seventh Wave

John Barlow

Water Lines

80 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-11-5

Praise for Waiting for the Seventh Wave

‘John Barlow is one of our most accomplished haiku poets. His store of images is varied, his touch is light, and his sensitivity—to both natural and human presence—is acute. Enter this world—it is our own world, seen through the eyes and touched by the heart of a poet.’
—Martin Lucas
Editor, Presence

‘I like this book immensely. With a delicate touch, John Barlow’s haiku and occasional wry senryu speak quietly of the heart in things, the heart in us—if we only take the time to hear, to see. Reading these brief poems may be just what we need to introduce ourselves to the rest of our lives, the seventh wave indeed.’
—William J. Higginson
Author, The Haiku Handbook

‘A remarkable strength of John Barlow’s haiku is that they never end. There is always something beyond the last phrase for readers to anticipate, that only their own intuitions can ever confirm.’
—David Cobb
Editor, The British Museum Haiku

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train delays
for the fifth day now
the dead fieldmouse

nightfall . . .
a heron’s silhouette
lifts from the reeds

we fall silent . . .
the winter-grey river
swollen with rain