The Haiku Calendar 2019

The Haiku Calendar 2019

The twentieth annual edition of this attractive desk calendar features 52 haiku by 41 authors from around the world. Edited by John Barlow, the 2019 calendar continues a rich tradition exploring and celebrating the relevance of seasonal references in English-language haiku.

Desk Calendar
15 cards in a plastic display case
141 mm x 125 mm / 5⅝" x 5"

Reviews of The Haiku Calendar

Modern Haiku

‘A new departure in the presentation of haiku and a very imaginative one . . . this calendar makes a lovely present.’
Blithe Spirit, Journal of The British Haiku Society

‘A very classy display.’
Haiku Canada Newsletter

‘A sound buy.’

‘A great idea, carried out in an attractive and useful fashion.’
Frogpond, Journal of the Haiku Society of America

‘Don’t think that calendars are just for keeping the dates straight . . . If you were only interested in excellent haiku from this choice of international authors, this would be an exotic addition to your bookshelves, even when the years have passed beyond this one.’

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the stray dogís ears
as we try to guess his name—
winterís end

   Billie Wilson

spring afternoon
the paper bark sheds
layers of light

   Jane Williams

meteor night—
shaking the star chart
out of its folds

   Richard Tindall

winter moon
from this bend too
the little graveyard

   Chuck Brickley