Lew Watts


108 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-56-6

Praise for Eira

Eira is, quite simply, a brilliant collection. Eschewing a chronological narrative structure, it shifts from one haibun to the next using haiku to provide transition and surprising emotional turns. Through it all, Lew Watts’ wry sense of humor shines, and the way in which he shares even his most haunting experiences is nothing short of stunning.’
—Tanya McDonald
Editor, Kingfisher

Eira is an extraordinary and poignant memoir, intricately linking haiku and haibun to delve deeply into human frailty and the power of absolution. Highly recommended.’
—Roberta Beary
Author, The Unworn Necklace

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Haibun & Haiku

first bike
beneath the paint
Dad’s bike

Father’s Day . . .
I forget
to forget

How dark was my valley

The faces are black and downcast, but to me he’s unmistakable—the bag slung over the left shoulder, the slight drag of the right foot. I wave as he walks through the gates, and he smiles before lighting up. He ruffles my hair, and the scent of a shift-full of sweat lifts from his clothes. “They found your mother yet?” he asks.

choir night
Dad clears his voice
down the sink