1. Can I order using my credit/debit card?

Yes, regardless of where you are in the world or the currency in which your account is held. Snapshot Press uses PayPal to process secure payments. When you make a purchase from this site you have the option to use your credit or debit card or an existing PayPal account. You do not need to create any online account with Snapshot Press or PayPal in order to make a purchase. Snapshot Press does not store your credit card numbers or any other financial information, or have access to any such information for orders placed on this site. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details. If you would prefer not to order online you may order by mail order.

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2. How much is shipping?

Postage varies depending on destination but is included in all prices listed on this site. To enquire about potential shipping discounts on bulk orders please email sales AT snapshotpress.co.uk prior to ordering.

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3. Will I be charged extra for postage at the checkout?

No. Shipping is included in the listed item prices: simply use the appropriate "Add To Cart" button for the desired destination and currency.

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4. Can I place an online order in an alternate currency to that of my credit/debit card or PayPal account?

Yes. Your bank or credit card provider will simply convert the payment into your local currency and the transaction will appear on your statement in your local currency. Similarly, if you pay using your PayPal account PayPal will simply take the payment from your account according to the current exchange rate.

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5. Can I add items to my shopping cart in several currencies at once?

You can only add items to the shopping cart in one currency. If you attempt to add an item in a different currency to items already in the cart a warning will be given along the lines of:

"You may only add items denominated in [currency of items already in cart] to this cart for this merchant. If you would like to purchase items using a different currency, remove all items from this cart and then add an item in your desired currency."

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6. Will I receive email confirmation of my order?

You should receive an email receipt from PayPal if you order online, but unfortunately we do not have the facility to send out automated emails confirming receipt or despatch of your order.

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7. How long will my ordered items take to arrive?

Orders are despatched the same day as receipt of payment whenever possible. Delivery time is usually 2–3 working days in the UK and 5–10 working days overseas.

If you have not received your order within 10 days (UK) or 14 days (overseas) please email sales AT snapshotpress.co.uk.

Please note that pre-orders of The Haiku Calendar will be sent out as soon as it is published. If you order other items with a pre-ordered calendar these will be sent out separately.

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8. What should I do about an order placed in error?

If you have placed an order in error, including duplicate orders or entry fees, please email us as soon as possible to let us know.

If the order has not yet been despatched we will refund the order placed in error. Please note that refunds on online orders made in error will unfortunately be for the net amount we received (i.e. the gross amount paid less the PayPal fee amount) as PayPal will no longer refund their fee in such instances.

If items have already been despatched orders placed in error may be returned for a full refund less PayPal fees and shipping costs. Unfortunately, due the cost of shipping, it may not be worth returning such items: please email us prior to returning items and we will outline the refund due on receipt so you can decide on the best course of action. Returned items must be received in new condition so should ideally be returned in the original packaging.

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1. How can I get my work considered for publication by Snapshot Press?

Snapshot Press offers extensive opportunites for the publication of haiku, tanka, short poetry and haibun. Please see the submissions page and carefully follow the appropriate guidelines on how to submit your work for consideration.

Familiarity with our titles is highly advisable for any author seeking publication.

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2. Can I pay to get my book published by Snapshot Press?

No. Snapshot Press is not a vanity press (aka a subsidy or equity press). The entire costs of production and publication are carried by the press, and all titles are published at our own risk. Printing costs are only a part of our commitment to each title we publish and, in real terms, a relatively small part.

We sometimes accept editorial, design, typesetting and/or print commissions, the income from which is used to subsidize the activities of the press, but Snapshot Press does not "publish" books edited or produced for other publishers, self-publishers or poets in this manner. (See Stepping Stones for an example of a book produced on behalf of another publisher, in this case the British Haiku Society.) If you are interested in commissioning editorial, design, typesetting or print services please send an email to info AT snapshotpress.co.uk clearly indicating that you are interested in commissioning work as a publisher, self-publisher, or author.

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The Haiku Calendar

1. How can I get my haiku considered for inclusion in the calendar?

All of the haiku featured in The Haiku Calendar are selected from entries to The Haiku Calendar Competition. The contest runs all year round and the submission deadline for consideration for the following year's calendar is January 31 (i.e. Submissions for the 2026 calendar should be sent by January 31, 2025).

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The Haiku Calendar Competition

1. Can I enter one-line haiku?

Yes. One-line haiku may be entered into the contest, and regularly feature in The Haiku Calendar. However, please note that the maximum line length it is possible to include in the calendar is approximately 45 characters (including spaces). It is therefore recommended that you see a copy of the calendar before entering one-line haiku as inappropriate entries cannot be replaced or reimbursed.

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The Snapshot Press Book/eChapbook Awards

1. Can I enter haibun and tanka prose?

Yes, but the maximum length for each haibun is 200 words.

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2. Can I enter haiku or tanka sequences?

Yes, but the maximum length for each sequence is 25 lines, including blank lines.

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3. Should I send acknowledgements for published poems?

Publication credits for any previously published poems may be included on the cover sheet, or a continuation sheet, at your discretion, but should not appear in the manuscript itself.

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4. Can I include supporting material?

You may include a bio on the cover sheet, or a continuation sheet, at your discretion, but this should not appear in the entry manuscript. Anonymous supporting material may be included in the manuscript at your discretion, but please do not include illustrations or photographs.

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5. Why have the guidelines changed?

Following feedback from poets, the guidelines and entry requirements for the Book Awards and eChapbook Awards have been massively simplified, and there are now much shorter timeframes – just two months – between the closing dates and the results announcements. Entry fees have also been lowered and there are no set submission periods, and individual poems may be published elsewhere at any time after entry, so your work is not “tied up”. Some key dates have also been changed so that, in future, the likelihood of winning collections being published in the calendar year of the Award announcements will be greatly increased.

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6. When will the eChapbook print anthology be published?

Sincere apologies for the delays with this anthology. It will feature a retrospective selection of the best individual poems and haibun from the first four years of the Awards, and all entrants from 2011–2014 will receive a copy. The 116 poets included are listed here. Those poets listed who are yet to receive notification of selections will receive these as soon as we are able to progress with the anthology.

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One-Line Haiku Anthology

1. Have acceptances yet been made for the one-line haiku anthology?

Work on this extensive anthology is ongoing. The historical research is particularly time-consuming (although very interesting!) and more than 12,000 haiku are being considered for the anthology. Notifications of work selected for inclusion will be sent to poets as soon as the text is finalized. Thank you for your patience!

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