Snapshot Press publishes eBooks in four categories: haiku, tanka, short poetry and haibun.

Each of the following eChapbooks is free to read or download as a PDF. Simply click on the thumbnail image or the title to view the collection. To return to this page please use the back button in your browser toolbar.

If you would like your short collection to be considered for publication as an eChapbook by Snapshot Press please see the eChapbook Awards submission guidelines.

Rope Marks
by Chad Lee Robinson

The Tang of Nasturtiums
by Carole MacRury

As the Years Pass
by Kathe L. Palka

Consider This
by Marian Olson
Short Poetry

Jacaranda Baby
by Vanessa Proctor
Short Poetry, incl. haiku and tanka

A Few Quick Brushstrokes
by Lorin Ford
Short Poetry, incl. haiku

One Bowl
by Penny Harter

Lifting the Towhee’s Song
by Beverly Acuff Momoi