Entries should be emailed or postmarked by January 31, 2019.

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£360/US $600 total prize money.

12 haiku will be selected as monthly winners and will be published prominently in The Haiku Calendar 2020. The prize money will be divided equally between the 12 winners. 40 additional haiku will be selected as runners-up and these will also be published in the calendar.

Entrants may win more than one prize.

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Haiku may be free-form or 5-7-5 and must be the original work of the entrant.

Any number of haiku may be entered.

Previously published work is acceptable, though haiku previously published by Snapshot Press, or accepted for a publication forthcoming from the press, are not eligible.

Haiku might ideally include a seasonal aspect (which may or may not be an established "season word"). This may be a direct reference to a specific day, month or season (e.g. New Year’s Day, June, winter), or to a phenomenon or activity associated with a particular season. Seasonality should ideally align with the traditional Japanese (and English) consideration that the equinoxes and solstices occur at the midpoints of their respective seasons. (So, for example, early February is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but mid-late February is spring. So a February haiku might be concerned with winter or spring; a May haiku with either spring or summer; an August haiku with either summer or autumn; and a November haiku with either autumn or winter. (Entrants from the Southern Hemisphere are advised to transpose certain composition dates by six months.))

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Entry Fees

£6/US $10 for up to three haiku; £12/US $20 for up to ten haiku.

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Entry Procedure (Email option)

  1. Any number of email entries may be sent.

  2. Email entries should be paid for in advance.

  3. Please pay for the number of haiku you wish to enter into the competition, using a credit or debit card (or an existing PayPal account), by clicking on the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below and following the checkout instructions.

    You may enter more than 10 haiku in one email. For example, if you wish to enter 12 haiku in one email please add "Up to 10 haiku" to the cart, then click "continue shopping" and add "Up to 3 haiku" before proceeding to checkout.

    Up to 10 haiku (£12):

    Up to 10 haiku (US $20):

    Up to 3 haiku (£6):

    Up to 3 haiku (US $10):

  4. Entries should be sent to calcomp AT with "THCC entry" in the subject line. (This will happen automatically if you click on the email link above.)

  5. In the body of the email please include your Paypal Transaction ID (as proof of payment), name, and address.

  6. If you would prefer to be published under a pen name, or for your name to appear in a distinctive fashion (e.g. all lower-case letters), please also note this prominently in the email.

  7. Under your details, please list each haiku entered in turn, numbering the haiku consecutively.

  8. Each haiku must be assigned to a month. Below each haiku please note which month it is assigned to.

  9. Haiku will be copied and pasted before judging to retain anonymity.

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Entry Procedure (Postal option)

  1. Each haiku entered should be typed or written legibly in English on a single 3" x 5" (75mm x 125mm) card. Your name should not appear on this card.

  2. Each haiku must be assigned to a month. This month should be written on the reverse of the 3" x 5" card.

  3. The first line of each haiku entered should be recorded on a separate sheet of paper along with the corresponding month. (No entry form is necessary, though one is available in pdf format here if required.)

  4. Your real name and your address should be recorded on this entry sheet only.

  5. If you would prefer to be published under a pen name, or for your name to appear in a distinctive fashion (e.g. all lower-case letters), please also write this prominently on the entry sheet.

  6. Please enclose the appropriate entry fee.

    Please make cheques/postal orders payable to “Snapshot Press”.

    US checks and banknotes are accepted.

    Euro banknotes will be accepted at the same rate as US dollars. Please do not send cheques or postal/money orders in Euro currency.

    N.B. Please do not send cheques or postal/money orders drawn on banks etc. in countries other than the UK (sterling) and USA (US dollars). (Entrants in Canada, Australia and New Zealand should send US or sterling banknotes, unless they have a US- or UK-based bank account.)

  7. Please mail your entries to:
    Snapshot Press, Orchard House, High Lane, Ormskirk, L40 7SL, United Kingdom.

  8. Overseas (non-UK) entries mailed in the month up to and including the closing date must be sent by airmail.

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Notification of Results

Results will be announced on this website on or before March 31, 2019.

If you would like to receive notification of the results as soon as they are available please include your email address on the entry sheet or within the entry email, or enclose an SAE marked ‘THCC Results’ (+ 1 International Reply Coupon or a US $1 bill internationally) with your postal entry.

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The Haiku Calendar

The Haiku Calendar 2020 will be published by Snapshot Press in 2019. Copies can be ordered in advance at £7.99 UK; £12.00/US $20 Overseas (post-paid). Postal entrants may enclose payment and state number of copies ordered on the entry sheet. Alternatively copies can be ordered in advance by credit or debit card (or an existing PayPal account) at £7.99 UK; £12.00/US $20 Overseas (post-paid) via the appropriate "Add To Cart" buttons below.

The Haiku Calendar 2020
for delivery in the UK only (£7.99):

The Haiku Calendar 2020
for delivery outside the UK (£12.00):

The Haiku Calendar 2020
for delivery outside the UK (US $20):

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Poem cards and emails cannot be returned—please keep copies of your work.

The decision of the adjudicator is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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All rights revert to the authors upon publication.

No liability for breach of copyright, or any rights or license, will be accepted by Snapshot Press for the use of work entered into this contest. (Please note that previous publication credits unfortunately cannot be included in the calendar. If this is likely to be an issue please do not enter previously published work. You may note previous publication credits when entering previously published work at your discretion, but there is no need to do so and no consideration of publication history will be taken into account in the adjudication.)

Entry in the competition is deemed to be acceptance of these rules and conditions.

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John Barlow is the editor of The Haiku Calendar, which has appeared annually since the 2000 edition, and co-editor (with Martin Lucas) of The New Haiku (2002). His other books include Waiting for the Seventh Wave and Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku (with Matthew Paul). His haiku have received more than 100 awards, while works he has edited have been honoured by the Haiku Society of America, the Poetry Society of America, and The Haiku Foundation.

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